1 August, 2021

How to completely remove/uninstall drivers on Windows 10

How to completely remove/uninstall drivers on Windows 10. Some drivers may be outdated and incompatible with your version of Windows or new and not fully tested drivers may cause problems.

Note: This guide is applicable on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

How to completely remove/uninstall drivers on Windows 10:

Step 1. Open Device Manager

Open Device Manager by searching for device manager and clicking or touching the appropriate result. Alternatively, open Control Panel and go to Hardware and Sound, then click on the Device Manager link.

Step 2. Find the device or hardware component that has the faulty driver

Device Manager displays a list of all the hardware components inside the computer or connects to it. It also includes hardware emulated by the applications you have installed. They are sorted by type. Browse the hardware list and find the component with the faulty driver that is causing your problem.

Step 3. Access the properties of the hardware component with the faulty driver

Right-click or press and hold (on the touch screen) the component name with the problematic driver. In the menu that opens, select Properties.

You can also click or touch the component with the error driver, then press Alt + Enter on the keyboard. Alternatively, click on hardware components and then open the Action menu and select Properties.

Step 4. Remove the faulty driver from Windows

You should now see the properties window of the hardware component you have selected. To completely remove its driver, access the Driver tab and click or tap Uninstall Device.

Make sure the box says: Delete the driver software for this device. Then click or tap Uninstall. If unchecked, Windows will not completely remove the device driver, it will keep the file on the drive and use them the next time it detects that hardware component.

The driver error has been removed and the hardware component is no longer in Device Manager. You can use the computer without any problems.

Driver error has been deleted, so what should we do next?

If the faulty driver is distributed via Windows Update, it will most likely be reinstalled automatically by Windows. You can hide the missing driver update and prevent it from being installed. If you install a manual driver error, you should not install it again and look for a better version.

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