Install Google for Huawei Solution

  1. Solution 1 ” Googlefier + GSM Fix by” Click Here
  2. UPDATE Solution 2  “With first solution, fail or implement second” Click Here
  3. Solution 3 ” is for devices that cannot install G App apps” Click Here
  4. Solution 4 “is for devices that want to install an Android emulator to use” Click Here
  5. Solution 5 ” Install Google Play Store With Dual Space & Google SpaceClick Here
  6. Petal Mail syncs Gmail Accounts  | Download | Download | Download

Fix Notifications for each Apps “Google Cloud Messaging

  – AURORA Store: Download 
 –  APKPure Store: Download
 – Huawei File Apps NOT GOOGLE PLAY STORE: Download Link Backup Download
 – All Apps Google For Huawei: Download Link Backup: Download 
  1. MicroG_Services-Core: Download Link Backup: Download
  2. Services Framework Proxy: Download Link backup: Download
  3. Store (FakeStore release): Download Link Backup: Download
  4. DroidGuard Helper: Download Link Backup: Download


HUAWEI Y6P Do not install Google Apps, Google Play Store And Eeplacement Applications

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