2 August, 2021

How to fix Taskbar not hiding in Windows Remote Desktop

How to fix Taskbar not hiding in Windows Remote Desktop. If the taskbar is not hidden in Windows Remote Desktop sessions, follow the steps below to fix the problem once and for all.

When you start the Remote Desktop session and switch to full screen mode, the taskbar will automatically hide. However, in certain cases, the client-side taskbar will not be hidden during Windows Remote Desktop session. Although this might not seem like a problem at first glance, it’s annoying when you want to access the taskbar of a remote computer.

Therefore, if the taskbar is not hidden in full screen mode of the Windows Remote Desktop session, follow the steps below to quickly fix the problem.

There are two main reasons why the taskbar is not hidden. First, that could be a problem with Windows Explorer. Second, maybe an application called the MustBeSeen system flag. So follow the two methods shown below and see which one fixes the problem for you.

How to fix Taskbar not hiding in Windows Remote Desktop

Restart Windows Explorer

Sometimes, Windows Explorer has problems. This makes the taskbar not hidden in Remote Desktop sessions. To solve that, you need to restart Windows Explorer.

1. Right-click on the taskbar and select the Task Manager option.

2. In Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, find and select the Windows Explorer process, and then click the Restart button.

This action will restart Windows Explorer. To be sure, restart the Remote Desktop session. After rebooting, see if the taskbar is automatically hidden. If not, follow the second method.

Delete the system flag “MustBeSeen”

Most users have some applications running on the taskbar. You can see them on the right side of the taskbar, right next to the clock. These applications run in the background and provide some kind of functionality.

When one or more of these programs needs your attention, they will call the system flag “MustBeSeen“. If this flag is active, the taskbar will not be hidden. In general, antivirus programs, backups, cloud storage and notification-heavy programs will call this flag quite often to attract the attention of users.

Because the application that calls the MustBeSeen flag is preventing the taskbar from automatically hiding, you need to find that application and see why it needs user attention. When you resolve the issue, the MustBeSeen flag will be removed.

If you can’t find the app, close all the apps on the taskbar one by one and see if that fixes the problem. In general, always close any unwanted applications while you are remotely accessing another computer.

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