25 September, 2021

Google For HUAWEI

Download File install the Google Play Store app for Huawei devices is not supported.
UPDATE | Install Google Apps & Google Play Store Any HUAWEI | Add Second Google Account | Fix All

Solution 1:

Please download the file containing the zipped data to your device, then unzip to view the files inside, this process will be faster not for you to wait too long

Solution 2

Solution 3

  • Update 12/11/2020 Device is not Play Protect certified Fix by ICTFIX: Download | Link Backup: Download


  • Update 12/30/2020 APK Combo Install Google For Huawei by ICTFIX.net: Download | Link Backup: Download

Solution 4

Solution 5

Testing Fix Push Notifications on Huawei

  • Download Push Notification Huawei FIX | Download
  • Download Push Notification Huawei FIX EMUI 11 | Download
  • Platform-tools_r30.0.5-windows | Download
  • CODE
adb devices
adb shell
cmd appops set com.google.android.gsf RUN_IN_BACKGROUND ignore
cmd appops set com.google.android.gsf RUN_ANY_IN_BACKGROUND ignore
cmd appops write-settings

FIX Push Notifications On Huawei With Ice Box


adb shell sh /sdcard/Android/data/com.catchingnow.icebox/files/start.sh

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