iPhone 12 Call of Duty Gaming Test

iPhone 12 Call of Duty Gaming Test. While the attraction from the iPhone 11 trio has not cooled yet, Apple has recently released the latest “super product” 2020 called iPhone 12. With significant upgrades to the screen and performance, this will is a remarkable high-end smartphone this year.

Video iPhone 12 Call of Duty Gaming Test:

Apple has decided to keep the familiar “notch” notch design for the iPhone 12’s screen, but the notch has been streamlined and streamlined to create an extra display ratio. In terms of size, the screen of the 2532x 1170pixels resolution and 6.1 inch size, smaller than the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7 inch).
The whole body is crafted from sturdy monolithic material, with the stainless steel chassis and the front & back covered with Gorilla Glass. iPhone 12 is also waterproof and dustproof according to IP68 standards and supports Apple Pay, meeting the needs of users.
This phone is equipped with a dual-lens camera cluster on the back, with two lenses having the same 12MP resolution. The rear camera cluster not only features anti-shake OIS, ultra-wide angle and panorama, but also supports video recording in formats up to 4K 60fps or 1080p 240fps with vivid stereo sound.

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